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Buying a car? Do your research.

By March 30, 2023July 11th, 2023No Comments

Purchasing a Kia or Hyundai ?

If you are considering buying a vehicle in the near future you may want to think again about what brand you purchase. As you may have recently heard, both Kia and Hyundai brand vehicles have been targeted for theft, and insurance companies have taken notice and acted accordingly:  it’s getting more difficult to get insurance on certain model years of these vehicles, specifically 2011-2022 Kia models and Hyundai models from 2015-2021. Many companies are refusing to insure these vehicles at all, and this all apparently came about as a result of Tik-Tok videos on social media that showed just how easy it was to steal these vehicles that do not have electronic immobilizers.

It has been said that consumers could begin to see an abundance of these vehicles for sale at what appears to be reasonable prices, but the inability to insure them could make that bargain a not-so-good deal, and it’s best to check with your agent before making that purchase.